Discuss 7C's of Business communication

Discuss 7C’s of Business communication

There are some guidelines or principles that are to be followed to make effective communication. these principles are as known 7 C’s of Business communication. the details about these principles are discussed below.

  • Clarity
  • Completeness
  • Conciseness
  • Concreteness
  • Courtesy
  • Correctness
  • Consideration
Clarity: A message should be absolutely clear so that the receiver can understand that the sender wants to say for classify the following guideline can be followed.

select a short familiar &easy word.

Avoid ambiguous & jargons words.

2. Completeness: The sender must-short a complete massage that means the message should be organized such a way that the receiver can understand its meaning easily. here sender of the message must be aware of 5 W’s ie.
  • Who is the receiver
  • What does the message contain
  • Where the receiver is to be reached
  • when the receiver is to be reached
  • why the sender is sending the message

3. Conciseness: A message should be as concise as possible.

that means the message should be completed in the fewest possible word so that it can save time for both the sender & receiver.

that’s whey avoid repetition, including only relevant facts are necessary.

4. Concreteness: Concreteness means being specific, definite & vivid rather than vagus & general.

the following guidelines can help to write a concrete message: using specific facts &figures using action verb select vivid lively & handsome word.

5. Courtesy: The sender should follow the minimum level of courtesy of the receiver which strengthens business friendship. There is a popular proverb.

Courtesy cost Nothing but wins everything “ that strengthens the sender is to be sincere, tactful. & appreciating & he/she is to apologize sincerely for any mistake.

6. Correctness: The principles of correctness comprises more than proper grammar punctuation & spelling. For correctness, keep the following suggestions in mind

• Using’ right form of language. 

• Send your message at the correct time & style.

Check accuracy of figures, facts & words.

7. Consideration: It means that the sender prepares every message keeping to consider the desires, problems, emotions & probable reaction of recovery.Here mainly your viewpoint is to be followed instead of our viewpoint.

Conclusion: From the above discussion we can conclude in order to effective communication. The communicator/sender must keep these seven principles in mind to make communication successful.

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