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Hi there, I’m Humayan Kabir & I’m the founder of whobd.com

I know well about the smartphone, gadget, smartphone software, Watch, TVs, Fashion Gaming

I decided to share my knowledge with others’ that’s why I started my website in July 2018 to help people like you.

Our website is all smartphones, gadgets, accessories, smartphone software, reviews, tips, tricks & tutorials

we will cover all kinds of trending tech topics which through you’ll be able to keep yourself up to date all the time.

our reviews & tutorials will help you know more about the product or service you’re looking for.

whobd will let you know the latest tech products service you’ll need for yourself like smartphones, gadgets, various, accessories, TVs, gaming Man accessories, uses tricks & tutorials.

Whobd mission is to seek out and showcase beautiful things that help you live a smarter, better life.

To do this, we filter the latest tech, home, and lifestyle products, and experiences to ensure you only ever buy the best of the best. Things you’ll cherish and enjoy usingYou can come to see Privacy Policy & I will suggest Terms & conditions

If you ever here any query & question please feel free to contact us.

Whobd.com is one of The whole world-leading consumer lifestyle websites. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Thanks you Humayan Kabir

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